About Artist


Sherry Bernie is an abstract expressionist artist. Born and raised in Colorado, received her bachelor's degree in Applied Arts. Worked as an Art Director for many years both in San Francisco and Denver.

Moved to the south 24 years ago, received her Masters of Art Education from Auburn University in Montgomery.

She lives on Lake Martin and splits her time between her family and teaching art. Sherry has been an artist from the beginning. Always drawing, painting, and experimenting. Her biggest influence was her grandmother who was a watercolor artist.

Her art is full of movement and color. She does commission work that is as simple as a bowl on a table to a complicated cabinet door insert. Sherry works with Glass, Clay, Oil and Acrylic paints… her new adventure are the “Heartbeat” paintings. These are acrylic paintings of a baby’s heartbeat from an ultrasound.

She has experimented with tempered glass and has produced and trademarked what is called Gache' Glas. These pieces are very organic and extremely unique. No bowl is the same.

Artwork on this website is just a sample of Sherry’s work. Contact the artist if you are looking for something specific.